Our expertise

Appleseed has expert-level knowledge with the following core technologies.


A free and open programming language suitable for all tasks, from the simplest scripts to the deepest mission-critical applications.

Appleseed uses Perl every day, and insists on adherence to best practices in all its uses. Read more about Appleseed and Perl, our native programming language.


The leading framework for rapid and robust Perl-based web application development.

Read more about how we work with Catalyst, one of our favorite working environments.

HTML / XHTML / CSS / JavaScript / AJAX

The core user-interface technologies of the modern web.

Appleseed can design, implement, and improve web-based user interfaces of all levels of complexity, from no-frills HTML output to the full interactivity of an AJAX-driven application.

HTML5 and mobile web development

The web itself is evolving, and Appleseed is keeping up with it. We have delivered solutions taking advantage of new HTML5 features, such as offline browsing and local storage. We can also develop with mobile devices in mind, using technologies such as jQTouch.

iOS — iPhone and iPad app development

Along with the mobile web, Appleseed has been keeping pace with native mobile platforms, especially Apple's iOS. We can build iPhone or iPad apps tailored to the needs of your organization, either for public distribution or for internal, enterprise use.

Examples of our iOS work include the apps we release to the public under our own Orangepeel Softworks brand.

Apache HTTP Server

The undisputed leader of free and open web servers, responsible for keeping most of the world's websites up and running.


A free and open database engine. MySQL is probably as responsible for storing and retrieving the world's dynamic data as Apache is for serving it.


A robust and modular web templating system.


A language for definining other markup languages, and the standard protocol basis of new internet technologies. (And a topic that Jason co-authored a book about, once...)


The open and XML-based standard for vector-based graphics and interactive animation. Major browsers have recently begun to support it natively.


A free and open version-control system. Appleseed uses Subversion (or other client-preferred control systems) to organize and archive all its project code and documentation.

Movable Type

A lightweight content-management system, ideal for blogs, podcasts, and other presentations of frequently updated information streams.