Appleseed Software Consulting — or Jason McIntosh, working independently — has helped create software tools and solutions for the following organizations.

Oxford University Press

Appleseed maintains every level of a legacy account and subscription management system for this international publisher, including its operating system, the core web application, and numerous utilities used both internally and by the public. We develop custom extensions to it as needed.

Bay State Cruise Company

We built a complete custom reservation system to handle ferries, cruises, chartered trips and more, with both customer-facing self-service features and a variety of administrative and point-of-sale interfaces. Appleseed continues to maintain and extend this custom application.

NFP Corp.

Assisted with a project to significantly improve the performance of a core customer database.

The Maine Historical Society

Performed, for several years, general development and maintenance of the Maine Memory Network, a digital museum of historical artifacts from hundreds of contributors.

Publishers Marketplace

Performed general consulting and maintenance for a variety of web-based applications and internal software tools.

Updated and added HTML5 functionality to a mobile web application for use by attendees of the Book Expo America conference.

Smartfish Group

Created a web application to create merchandising campaigns (including the automated creation of product brochure PDFs) and track subsequent sales.

Tufts University

Worked with Tufts' Digital Collections and Archives group to develop several tools to help librarians catalog, search and track archival records and collections.


Tuned and improved the functioning of internal tools.


Designed and implemented software modules for handling commands sent to an existing, Perl-based application via SMS text messaging.

Magnify Networks

Created a variety of extensions and improvements to Magnify's existing web-based application for organizing and presenting video content.

ITA Software

Created web-based applications for internal use by the company's operations department.


Created extensions to an in-house billing system.