Postmodern Perl

Moose is a postmodern object system for Perl 5 that takes the tedium out of writing object-oriented Perl. It borrows all the best features from Perl 6, CLOS (Lisp), Smalltalk, Java, BETA, OCaml, Ruby and more, while still keeping true to its Perl 5 roots.

-- The Moose homepage

Jaunty name and all, Moose is a cornerstone of modern Perl. Perl itself originally borrowed design features from several popular 20th century programming languages; Moose lets Perl extend the same philosophy to the technologies and design paradigms that have emerged in the internet era. As such, Moose plays a key role in Perl's continuing relevance to the rich and varied ecosystem of today's web.

As Moose finds its way into the core design of more and more modern Perl technologies, such as Catalyst and DBIC, it's becoming increasingly redundant to say that one is both a Perl programmer and a Moose user. But, regardless: when Appleseed creates new Perl objects from scratch, you can be sure they're made of Moose.