We love Catalyst.

Catalyst is a web framework written in Perl and inspired by Perl. As with its parent language, Catalyst makes the easy things easy and the hard things possible. Unlike other frameworks, it comes with very little out of the box, and in fact doesn’t really come with a box. It’s not designed to make the first half-day of your programming experience easy; it’s designed so that the speed of development of your code is just as quick for you at the beginning of a project as it is in the middle, at the end, and some period of time later when you realize you have to return to a long-forgotten project to do maintenance programming or add new features.

-- Kieren Diment and Matt S Trout, The Definitive Guide to Catalyst

An elegant and robust framework for turning Perl software into web-based applications, Catalyst is one of Appleseed's favorite tools, and a great example of Modern Perl -- and of open-source software -- at its best.

Appleseed Software Consulting has created Catalyst-based projects for several of our clients, all of which are serving up data while you're reading this, and any of which we -- or any other decent programmer -- can dive back into as needed, thanks to our commitment to high maintainability.

We also love best practices

Appleseed stays current with Catalyst development best practices. In general, this means keeping a software project's business logic completely separate from its web-specific components. This allows that code to be decoupled from its web-based front end and run in different contexts.

This approach has important benefits even for projects that don't expect to see action outside of the web, such as making thorough automated testing much easier to perform.